Therap Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Therap Login:




How to get to the right Therap Login page:

1. Click on the link we have provided here for the Therap Login page:

2. Enter the login name for your Therap account into the first field.

3. Enter the password that is connected with your Therap account into the next field.

4. Type in the provider code for your Therap account into the last text field provided.

5. Click login to gain entry into your Therap account.







Just in case you had issues with the Therap Login process, we have more instruction provided here in this section.

If you have forgotten any of the login credentials that are needed for the Therap Login process, read the following notation:

NOTE: Until further notice all issues for the login credentials are advised to contact the customer support in order to remedy their login issues. We are not sure why this particular service isn't providing any methods for resolving anything for its users online but for now this is the way they have it set up. If their process changes in the future, we will update the process here on this page for you. Once you are able to recover the login credentials that are needed for the Therap Login process, watch the login video above in this article to make the process easier.






Here is the contact information that has been found to help guide you to help with the Therap Login process.

562 Watertown Avenue Suite 3
Waterbury, CT
06708-2240, USA

Customer Support
Phone: 1-203-596-7553
Fax: 1-203-757-5116




We always keep this information updated on the Therap Login process as things are ever changing. Make sure to keep up with the latest information by bookmarking this page and using it for your future access point regarding this topic.